Name: Yoo Seung Ho (유승호) ||
Nickname: Little So Ji Sub ||
Birthdate: 1993, August 17 ||
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea ||
Height: 175 cm ||
Star Sign: Leo ||
Blood Type: A ||
Profession: Actor and Model ||
Specialties: Inline Skating ||
Fanclub: "Yoopies" ||
Debut: CF 77016 (1999)
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Yoo Seung Ho with Lee Soon Jae and Lee Hyo Choon (his Grandparents in Flames Of Desire)

100908 The Invincible (무적자) Movie VIP Premiere

100908 The Invincible (무적자) Movie VIP Premiere

Yoo Seung Ho at ‘City Of Father’ Movie Premiere (2009)

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So Ji Sub & Yoo Seung Ho. October 2009.

【2010.10.1】Yoo Seung Ho at interview for “Flames of Desire” (MBC, 2010) 《욕망의 불꽃》

“그때 너무 죄송했습니다…할머니”
“감독님이시켜서 어쩔수없이 했습니다.
죄송합니다. 할머니. “

A reporter pointed out that Yoo Seung Ho had already experienced a villain by “The Way Home”.

He made an excuse as follows.

"I’m sorry at that time. Grandma."
“The director commanded me to do so it. And I had no other choice. I’m sorry. Grandma. “

What an attractive villain!^_^

[HQ] 보고싶다 Official Photobook - Yoo Seung Ho [cr: Talk To U ()]


Let’s support Korea with them (^ ^) HAPPY WORLD CUP!

Operation Proposal (2012) ep.3 
《프로포즈 대작전》