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Name: Yoo Seung Ho (유승호) ||
Nickname: Little So Ji Sub ||
Birthdate: 1993, August 17 ||
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea ||
Height: 175 cm ||
Star Sign: Leo ||
Blood Type: A ||
Profession: Actor and Model ||
Specialties: Inline Skating ||
Fanclub: "Yoopies" ||
Debut: CF 77016 (1999)
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Youth with many images

10 years ago, Yoo Seung Ho, the boy who played in “The way home” which broke the record of 4 million viewing record is already a 20 years old youth this year.

Q: You graduated from High School this year? Saw your graduation party at the filming site of “Operation Proposal”.

A: Yes, I graduated in February this year.

Q: As an actor, would it be disheartening to see that your hard works and efforts are not recognized because it was on cable TV (channels that are payable)?

A: All I wish for is to “create a miracle through this TV series” After all, the “going back in time” concept is a fantasy love, and it is a very fresh and new idea. Also the staffs and the actors all did their best, but the viewership ratings was less than 1%, so towards the end, we became a little tired. Now that it is over, we don’t think about it anymore.

Q: It’s like graduation, done and over with it?

A: (Grin) Yes.

Q: The character you are going to be in your new drama “Arang & the Magistrate” is very unique.

A: It is the Jade Emperor, someone who rules over the Heavens. Senior Park Jun Gyu plays as the role of the Hades who rules the Hell. We are friends of each other. Haha. A friend with a youth face and another with an old face. Senior Park Jun Gyu and I are in charged of the comedy part of the show whereas Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah are in charged of the love part. Which is why I am considered as a special appearance.

Q: Yoo Seung Ho’s love life should be very interesting.

A: Erm… Actually I don’t have much interest in love. Up till now, love brings sadness and is boring, not attractive at all.

Q: Aren’t you already 20 years old?

A: At this age, love should be very interesting, but it is not the case for me. Because up to now, I have always been working and there is no chance to encounter love.

Q: No chance to encounter love?

A: I had a very indifferent school life. On the surface, it looks very normal, but I wasn’t able to play with my friends or meet up with girls. Because they tend to spot me, discuss about me and will shun away.

Q: Have to be very careful?

A: Yes, have to be very careful.

Q: Even though you attended school, you don’t have a proper school life?

A: I will always comfort myself that even in such a case, I benefited with things. While my friends were busy studying, I was already out working hard, and right now, I have a stable career. I endured for 14 years and it is good. I would think like that. (laughs)

Q: Seems very lonely.

A: Yes. Very lonely. I don’t have memories of going on a school excursion or special memories. I am always alone. I guess this is what we call lonely. As a artiste, there are a lot of people who will come to me because they are curious and I would have to act in front of them, and then they will leave. But I have 2 very close friends. They don’t treat me like an artiste, we will quarrel with each other and such. Even though life is hard, but they work hard for life. While looking at them, I will always get motivated and relief stress.

Q: Even now, when I mention Yoo Seung Ho, “The way home” will automatically float up, even though 10 years has already passed. People tend to have a deep impression on child actors. I didn’t changed, but the child has already grown up!

A: Haha. I guess “The way home” will follow me through my live. The movie I’ve never watched again ever since I was 9 years old. During then, I held my mother’s hands and filmed the show without knowing anything. My family background isn’t good, erm… if you were to ask which kind, I would say it’s those “sit by the roadside and starve” kind. Back then, my mother send me in for a “pretty child” competition. Even though we didn’t win the competition, but with that photo that was sent over, I was chosen for clothing endorsement, and also handphone CF, and even a movie.

Q: Is a child actor that went through thick and thin?

A: Yes. Right now, my life feels like a dream. Really thankful.

Q: How is the filming site of “The way home” like?

A: I really just feel like going home, more serious would be because the Director was really fierce. I would run away in my mother’s bosom in the dawn. The situation was also very hard. Because I am not an experienced actor, but I had to act in an environment where perfection is pursued. I don’t know the value of 4 million viewers, all I wanted to do is to quickly go home and play my games. And because of that, every time after filming, my mother would buy lego for me, so in order to get that, I would act.

Q: Does your mother cultivate you to be an actor since young?

A: No. My mother was contemplating also. But because I am neither good in sports nor studies, so… Keke.

Q: Nonetheless, 10 years from then on, you have been showered with love and care with the name “Nation little brother”. Shows like “The Immortal Lee Soon Shin” and “The legend” and other period dramas lead child actor has always been Yoo Seung Ho.

A: Its not all me, it is those people around me who have been protecting and guarding me, one random day I woke up and realized that whatever that needs to be done here are all done.

Q: Feels like you are floating in the clouds?

A: Haha. Even though I don’t have the chance to read a lot of book but I read a book called “Things that 10 generations would like to know”, which talks about studying hard and dreaming big dreams, my youth has never been like that before.

Q: Even without a dream, you also wanted to go through life successfully. This is because Yoo Seung Ho has a lot of patience and character.

A: Is it? I am a A blood type guy, very introvert. However, during acting, my personality changed. Because if I were to be shy, the people working me would be very tired, therefore, I worked very hard. And also because I want to finish it fast and go home. Haha.

Q: Quickly get home, that is a very good attitude. Teacher Yoon Yeo Jeong is also like that. Her motivation comes from “The way home”.

A: Really?! Wah. That is comforting. However, I always end up regretting the next day, feeling that I should have worked harder.

Q: Heard you did not received any training on acting?

A: “Daddy fish”, my debut film with Senior Jeong Bo Seok. Director said to go for some training, registered with the acting school, but it wasn’t helping as the teacher kept changing, and I hated it very much and wanted to go home, so I played mischief.

Q: How old?

A: 7 years old.

Q: Ah, forcing a 7 years old child to enroll into acting school is almost like child abuse.

A: So in the end the Director described the scenes to me. I, how to put it, it what we call a robot.

Q: Looks like Yoo Seung Ho and this job have a love-hate relationship.

A: Because in the start I didn’t wanted to do it, but one day when I realized it, things have already become like that.

Q: That instant?

A: Yes. My youth is gone, maybe this is the feeling when you are a youth. Not long ago, I was still a minor, since 6 years old I started to do all these things, so compared to all my friends, I have a better grasp of success. But up till now, the things that I do are not the things that I want to do but is pulled to do, only right now, I would say it is MY career. I am 20 years old! I need to buck up! Through this job, how successful can I get? Since I am doing it, I would want to see great success! Haha. I would like to believe it.

Q: Who do you see as a rolemodel?

A: This actor called Ben Foster. Even though he is a supporting role, he is so cool to the extend he shines brighter than the lead actor. During sad times, or cruel times, it looks as if it is real. In the movie “3:10 to Yuma” he was really awesome. He gives off a different aura that Westerners have and Easterners wouldn’t have.

Q: What kind of movies do you like to watch?

A: I like to watch kick-ass movies. (t/n: I didn’t know there’s such a thing until he mentioned it. -.-) Those that are psychotic and crazy.

Q: What are some of your films and dramas that you like?

A: I guess “The way home” will follow me even after 20-30 years later, I also like “Hearty paws”. My drama “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” also. There was this period I was immersed in Yeo Woon this character, really liked that character. Not a warrior with tied & bun up hair, but someone with long hair, feels like a expert who is a woman.

Q: During then, you should have a little popularity within your friends?

A: Aiyo, my friends doesn’t care.

Q: You should have some feel for female friends…?

A: When I see girls, I will also get nervous, but their natural reaction would be to announce to everyone that “I am dating Yoo Seung Ho”, so it is not very nice. Also, because we are all still young, there are a lot of misunderstanding. So from the start, I closed my heart.

Q: What if, when Yoo Seung Ho grows up and have kids, and your kid would like to become an actor, what would you do?

A: Haven’t I tried it before. As a kid, it is hard to persevere. From being young till growing to be an adult, how many child actors would make it through. But be it an actor, or a cleaner, I will support it. I just wish he would be able to finish High School also, like me.

Q: Why did you not join University? You acted as the rebellious Hwang Baekhyun in “God of study”, in real life, you are rebelling too?

A: Since Middle school, I have been telling my mother “Mum, I really don’t want to go into University.” It is because I really don’t like studying. So my mother and I made a deal and eventually she agreed. “If you don’t go University, you don’t go to the Navy too.”

Q: It is a very interesting conversation between the mother and the son.

A: Yes. I don’t need to go to the University, and also gave up Navy. Hahaha.

Q: Won’t you regret?

A: I won’t regret. I attend Uni because I need academic achievements. The school needs me because they need celebrities, this relationship has no meaning. Even if I go to the Uni, I will be in the Theatre School, I will be able to learn much more at the filming site like that.

Q: What is Yoo Seung Ho’s dream?

A: I want to have great success, Senior Lee Byeong Hyeon has gone to Hollywood. I want to go there too.

Q: So?

A: Have great success, earn lots of money, buy a big house, sit in expensive cars.

Q: Like this?

A: (thinking deeply) Actually since young, I feel very tired working among adults, as a kid, I get ignored and I feel very disappointed and sad. Even though the adults think that I am still young and does not know the things around me, but even that, as a kid I am also very sensitive and I can feel. So whenever I see weaker people or people in trouble, I will take note of them. I want to earn money and give it back to the society. Also, I have a dream that has to do with the environment. As the Earth becomes warming as the ice caps are melting, Polar bears would need to carry their cubs and swim further distances, I feel very sad seeing them like this, so I don’t use disposable items, and I also don’t on the air-conditions, a dream of wanting to fight together for survival with the animals.

Q: Right now, how is Yoo Seung Ho like as a young adult?

A: I’m afraid of places that has many people. I don’t have much courage or confidence. Even towards things that I can do well, I also tend to feel afraid. However, when met with things, I will work very hard to do it. I have no choice as a A blood type. An A blood type person who wants to become a B or AB blood type.

Q: Within these 20 years, who was affected the most?

A: My mother. I like to stay at home with my mother to eat, and chat about anything under the sun, because the person who wanted me to be the best the most, the most who is always giving me support is my mother. My mother likes James Dean, an actor whom I don’t really understand.

Q: Which actor does Yoo Seung Ho likes in Korea?

A: Senior Man Sik. Feels like after going through sorrows, happiness and all that he has been through, he became complete as a human.

Q: How do you feel after being called “Little So Ji Sub”?

A: I like it that my name and So Ji Sub’s name appears together. Up till now, I don’t have any opinion. He is So Ji Sub, I am Yoo Seung Ho. We both have our own charms. Now that I am already an adult, previously I am always been called the Nation’s Little Brother, but right now, hasn’t Yeo Jin Gu replace me in that position?

Q: 10 years later, when you are 30, what would you be like?

A: Someone who is recognised in the entertainment industry, want to be the most outstanding person within those of the same age, to be top of the top.

CREDITS: yshbaidu bar (chinese trans) + leongerr @ yshbiased (eng trans)


Credits to TTU

Vogue August Issue; Faces of Actors - Yoo Seung Ho